Slugging Percentage Calculator

What is Slugging Percentage Calculator?

Slugging percentage calculator is a player’s bases per bat average calculator. This is also called SP, or SLG. The slugging percentage is a popular measure of the power of a hitter.

Formula for Slugging Percentage Calculator

Slugging percentage is equal to total bases divided by At Bats.

While Total are equal to Singles + (2 x Doubles) + (3 x Triples) + (4 x Home Runs).

Slugging Percentage (SLG) = Total Bases ÷ At Bats

Total Bases = Singles + (2 x Doubles) + (3 x Triples) + (4 x Home Runs)

Total Bases (alternate method) = Hits + Doubles + (2 x Triples) + (3 x Home Runs)


If a batter has been at bat times and in that time has made: 9 1 base hits,6 2 base hits,7 3 base hit, and 8 home runs, then:

Number of Singles: 9

Number of Doubles: 6

Number of Triples: 7

Number of Home Runs: 8

Total Number of at Bats: 9

Slugging Percentage result: 8.222

How to use this Online Slugging Calculator?

Using calculator is very easy and simple, you just need the values for Number of Singles, Number of Doubles, Number of Triples, Number of Home Runs, and Total Number of at Bats.

Simply put them all one by one in the required input field and click the calculate button, there you go. Errorless and instant results in slugging percentage will be shown.

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