ERA Calculator

Earned Run Average or ERA is statistical figure used in baseball which is the measuring the of average of a pitcher’s effectiveness or efficiency. 9 for a regular game, 7 for softball, and 6 or 7 for little league games.

What is ERA Calculator? Earned Run Average

ERA calculator finds the value of the earned run average. A stat that measures a pitcher's effectiveness in an errorless way. Very easily and instantly.

ERA Calculator Explained

The ERA calculations are explained using the following formula:

ERA = 9 × Earned Runs Allowed / Innings Pitched

For example,

a pitcher who allows 4 earned runs in 7 innings pitched would have an ERA of 5.142 (9 × 4/7).

One more example explaining more details.

Earned Runs 33

Innings Pitched 88

Outs Pitched 2

Game Innings 7

Earned Run Average 2.61

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