Field Goal Percentage Calculator

What is Field Goal Percentage? And why use this FG% Calculator?

FG% percentage is a performance figure. Which can help show a player’s ability to fit in the team and shows the stand-alone ability of the player to score. Field goal percentage FG% is the percentage of successful shots 2 or 3 point. This Field Goal Percentage calculator helps you calculate FG% percentage errorless and effortless with instant results showing.

How does this Calculator work?

Working of this calculator is explained here with the formula and example to show the each and everything clearly.

Field Goal FG% = Field Goals / Field Goal Attempts


A “Field Goal” is a basket that counts for a point.

A “Field Goal Attempt” is an attempt at a basket.


A player made 640 field goal attempts. And in the meantime, he has made a total of 245 field goals.

Filed Goal FG% = 245 ÷ 640

Field Goal FG% = 0.3828125

Therefore, the player has a Field Goal Percentage FG% of 0.3828125, or 38.28%.

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