At Bats per Home Run Calculator

What is At Bats per Home Run Calculator?

At Bats per Home Run (ABHR) is the number of at bats for each home run a player generates. A player with a lower At Bats per Home Run (ABHR) is more likely to hit a home run for each at bat.

How does this ABHR Calculator work?

You can calculate the At Bats per Home Run by dividing the number of At Bats by the number of home runs hit.

The formula to find compute the AB / HR is as follows:

At bats per home run (ABHR) = Number of at bats / Number of home runs hit

You just need to enter the value of Number of At Bats and Number of Home Runs Hit properly and just hit the calculate button to get the ABHR value errorless and instant.

DaProfitclub has made it easy by providing At Bats Per Home Run Calculator online free of cost. Just navigate to the ABHR calculator under the health and fitness section from main menu.


A player has been at bat 345 times and in that time has had 20 home runs.

AB/HR = 345 ÷ 20

AB/HR = 17.20

Therefore, the player has 1 home run for every 17.20 times at bat.

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