Batting Average Calculator

What is Batting Average Calculator?

Batting Average Calculator is a tool used to calculate the batting average. Batting average is the most important stats used in baseball. Performance of baseball hitters is measured on this.

What is Batting average?

Batting average is a stat which is the standard which is used to see the difference between players and their performances. This is the method being used from the very early time of Baseball.

Formula Explained

The batting average is calculated using formula mentioned below:

Batting Average = Total number of hits / Total number of at bats

For example,

 if a player has 300 at-bats, and has 60 hits, then his Batting Average is 60/300 = 0.2

User guide for batting average calculator?

Open and go to sports calculators. Choose batting average calculator.

Put the number of hits in the input field.

Then put the number of bats into the input field.

Click calculate button to see the batting average instantly and effortlessly.