Milliliter to Teaspoon

Comprehensive Guide: Milliliters to Teaspoons Conversion

In the culinary and scientific realms, precise measurements are paramount. Understanding how to convert between different units of volume is not only essential for accurate cooking but also crucial in various scientific experiments and applications. One common conversion is from milliliters (mL) to teaspoons (tsp). In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of milliliters and teaspoons, providing you with a clear understanding of their relationship and equipping you with the knowledge to perform conversions effortlessly.

Milliliters to Teaspoons Converter

Enter the volume in milliliters below to get the value converted to teaspoons.

Result in Teaspoons: 1 mL = 0.202884 tsp

How to Convert Milliliters to Teaspoons

To convert a measurement in milliliters to a measurement in teaspoons, you can employ a straightforward conversion ratio: 0.202884 teaspoons / milliliter. Utilizing this ratio, the conversion formula is:


Therefore, the volume in teaspoons is equal to the volume in milliliters multiplied by 0.202884.

For example, to convert 5 milliliters to teaspoons:

teaspoons = (5 mL×0.202884) = 1.014421 tsp

How Many Teaspoons Are in a Milliliter?

Understanding the conversion ratio is key to grasping the relationship between milliliters and teaspoons. There are precisely 0.202884 teaspoons in a milliliter, which forms the basis of the conversion formula:

1 mL = 0.202884 tsp

Both milliliters and teaspoons serve as units for measuring volume, albeit in different contexts. Let's explore each unit in detail.


What Is a Teaspoon?

The teaspoon, a unit within the US customary system, is equivalent to 1/3 of a tablespoon or 1/6 of a fluid ounce. While approximately 4.929 milliliters constitute a teaspoon, nutrition labeling standardizes one teaspoon as exactly 5 milliliters.

Abbreviated as tsp, a teaspoon may also be denoted as t, ts, or tspn. For instance, 1 teaspoon can be represented as 1 tsp, 1 t, 1 ts, or 1 tspn.


In conclusion, mastering the conversion between milliliters and teaspoons is indispensable for various fields, including cooking, medicine, and science. By understanding the relationship between these units and employing the conversion formula provided, you can effortlessly navigate between milliliters and teaspoons, ensuring accuracy and precision in your endeavors. Whether you're following a recipe or conducting scientific experiments, this guide equips you with the knowledge to seamlessly convert volumes between milliliters and teaspoons.

Milliliter to Teaspoon Conversion Table

The following table illustrates various milliliter measurements converted to teaspoons:

Milliliters Teaspoons Milliliters Teaspoons
10 ml 2.0288tp 20 ml 4.0577tp
30 ml 6.0865tp 40 ml 8.1154tp
50 ml 10.1442tp 60 ml 12.173tp
70 ml 14.2019tp 80 ml 16.2307tp
90 ml 18.2596tp 100 ml 20.2884tp
110 ml 22.3172tp 120 ml 24.3461tp
130 ml 26.3749tp 140 ml 28.4038tp
150 ml 30.4326tp 160 ml 32.4614tp
170 ml 34.4903tp 180 ml 36.5191tp
190 ml 38.548tp 200 ml 40.5768tp
210 ml 42.6056tp 220 ml 44.6345tp
230 ml 46.6633tp 240 ml 48.6922tp
250 ml 50.721tp 260 ml 52.7498tp
270 ml 54.7787tp 280 ml 56.8075tp
290 ml 58.8364tp 300 ml 60.8652tp
310 ml 62.894tp 320 ml 64.9229tp
330 ml 66.9517tp 340 ml 68.9806tp
350 ml 71.0094tp 360 ml 73.0382tp
370 ml 75.0671tp 380 ml 77.0959tp
390 ml 79.1248tp 400 ml 81.1536tp
410 ml 83.1824tp 420 ml 85.2113tp
430 ml 87.2401tp 440 ml 89.269tp
450 ml 91.2978tp 460 ml 93.3266tp
470 ml 95.3555tp 480 ml 97.3843tp
490 ml 99.4132tp 500 ml 101.442tp
510 ml 103.4708tp 520 ml 105.4997tp
530 ml 107.5285tp 540 ml 109.5574tp
550 ml 111.5862tp 560 ml 113.615tp
570 ml 115.6439tp 580 ml 117.6727tp
590 ml 119.7016tp 600 ml 121.7304tp
610 ml 123.7592tp 620 ml 125.7881tp
630 ml 127.8169tp 640 ml 129.8458tp
650 ml 131.8746tp 660 ml 133.9034tp
670 ml 135.9323tp 680 ml 137.9611tp
690 ml 139.99tp 700 ml 142.0188tp
710 ml 144.0476tp 720 ml 146.0765tp
730 ml 148.1053tp 740 ml 150.1342tp
750 ml 152.163tp 760 ml 154.1918tp
770 ml 156.2207tp 780 ml 158.2495tp
790 ml 160.2784tp 800 ml 162.3072tp
810 ml 164.336tp 820 ml 166.3649tp
830 ml 168.3937tp 840 ml 170.4226tp
850 ml 172.4514tp 860 ml 174.4802tp
870 ml 176.5091tp 880 ml 178.5379tp
890 ml 180.5668tp 900 ml 182.5956tp
910 ml 184.6244tp 920 ml 186.6533tp
930 ml 188.6821tp 940 ml 190.711tp
950 ml 192.7398tp 960 ml 194.7686tp
970 ml 196.7975tp 980 ml 198.8263tp
990 ml 200.8552tp 1000 ml 202.884tp