Percentage Calculator

What is Percentage Calculator?

A free online calculator for percentage calculations. Percentage calculator helps you calculate the percentage difference, percentage increase, percentage decrease and more.

What is Percent Calculator?

Percent calculator calculates the percentage between 2 different numbers, and percentage calcultor calculates the percent increase or decrease between two different numbers.

How to use Percentage Calculator?

In the input field, put the value of percent and in 2nd input field put the actual value of which you want to calculate percent.

and result will be shown infornt of these fields and you have to do nothing. 

What is X % of Y = ? 

Same in the 2nd calculator, put the percent value and then 2nd value to see what is what percent of what.

X is what percent of Y = Z%

Same for the What is the percentage increase/decrease,

From X To Y = Z%

what is 5% of 50 is?
what is 15% of 500 is?
what is 25% of 750 is?
what is 2% of 510 is?
what is 7% of 505 is?
what is 75% of 550 is?
what is 65% of 5000 is?