Percentage Calculator

What is a Percentage Calculator?

A free online calculator for percentage calculations. Percentage calculator helps you calculate the percentage difference, percentage increase, percentage decrease, and more.

Why use the percentage calculator?

A percentage calculator is an invaluable tool for quickly and accurately calculating percentages of a given number. It can be used to quickly compare percentages of different numbers, calculate discounts and markups, figure out tips and tax amounts, figure out simple interest, calculate payments and loan amounts, and calculate percentage increases or decreases. A percentage calculator is an easy and helpful way to make sure you are calculating percentages correctly.


Financial calculations: percentages are frequently used in finance to calculate interest rates, loan payments, and investment returns. A percentage calculator can help you easily and accurately calculate these values.

Business and marketing: Percentages are often used in business and marketing to track changes in sales, revenue, and profits. A percentage calculator can help you quickly calculate percentage changes and growth rates.

Education: Students and teachers can use percentage calculators for various educational purposes, such as calculating grades, percentages, and averages.

Health and fitness: Percentage calculators can be used in health and fitness to calculate the body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, and other health indicators.

Percentage Calculator

What is a percentage calculator?

A percentage calculator is an indispensable instrument for accurately calculating percentages. You could use one for a variety of purposes, including salary increases, bonuses, discounts, vaccinations, reinvesting profits within corporations, etc.

How to use Percentage Calculator?

In the input field, put the value of percent, and in 2nd input field put the actual value of which you want to calculate percent.

and the result will be shown in front of these fields and you have to do nothing. 

What is X % of Y =? 

Same in the 2nd calculator, put the percent value and then the 2nd value to see what is what percent of what.

X is what percent of Y = Z%

Same for the What is the percentage increase/decrease,

Q: How does a Percentage Calculator work?

The percentage calculator does math calculations based on what the user types in. Formulas are used to figure out percentages by doing things like multiplying one number by another percentage value or finding the difference between the two. These results can then be used to do things like multiplying one value by another percentage value or finding the difference between the two values.

Q: What can I use a Percentage Calculator for?

The percentage tool can be used for many different things. You can use one to figure out prices, taxes, data trends, interest rates, and different problems that involve percentages.

From X To Y = Z%

what is 5% of 50 is?
what is 15% of 500 is?
what is 25% of 750 is?
what is 2% of 510 is?
what is 7% of 505 is?
what is 75% of 550 is?
what is 65% of 5000 is?