Percent Off Calculator

What is percentage off calculator?

The percentage (%) off calculator is designed to determine the Discount offered at prices of different products. % Off, mean the customer will get a price cut, of certain amount on actual price of the products.

Why use the description "Percent Off Calculator"?

The percent-off calculator is a useful tool to easily and quickly calculate the savings associated with an item discounted by a certain percentage. It is especially helpful when comparing different percentages of discounts on an item, as the calculator can quickly determine the total cost of the item. The calculator is also useful to determine the final price of an item before tax and other fees are added.

How to use Percent Off calculator?

Using this Discount calculator is very simple,

Put the actual price of the product,

Then put the number of percent, discount offered. And the actual price and discounted prices will be shown.

How does this Discount Calculator Works?

Here is the simple formula for this calculator, sale price is resulted when original price is multiplied with percentage off number.  

Sale price = Original price × (1 - Percent off%)

For example.

A percent off on a t-shirt actual price is a common discount format. A percent off on t-shirt means that the price of the shirt is reduced by that percentage off. For example, given a shirt, that costs $27, and is offered with a 15% Off on the actual price. The actual price will be greater than 15% by the sale price.

For example:

15% of $27 = 0.15 × 27 = $4.05

$27 - $4.05 = $22.95

You would therefore be saving $4.05 on the purchase for a final price of $22.95

Some of the more examples with actual and prices and amount saved is given.

With original price $27 and 15% off,

Final price: $22.95

Saved amount: $4.05


With original price $50 and 15% off,

Final price: $42.50

Saved amount: $7.50


With original price $250 and 38% off,

Final price: $155.00

Saved amount: $95.00


With original price $325 and 50% off,

Final price: $162.50

Saved amount: $162.50


What is the percent off calculation formula?

The percentage off calculator formula is as follows.

Sale price = Original price × (Percent off%)

For example, if you take 20% off on a $200 item, the sale price will be 200 × (1–20%) = $160.

How to use Percent Off Calculator?

Input original price.

Input percentage off.

You will get the instant results on the go, with discounted price.

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