Percent Change Calculator

What is a percent change calculator?

A percent change calculator is a tool used to calculate the percent change between two values. It is used to measure the relative change in a given value over time or to compare two values. It is also known as a percentage calculator and is especially useful for calculating the change in a value after a period of time or for comparing two different values.

How does Percent Change Calculator Used?

The % change calculator Percentage Change Calculator will calculate the change from 1 value to another value. And show the change as percentage.

Percentage Change Formula

Percentage Change = 2nd Value - 1st Value / 1st Value ? 100

For example, one, how to calculate the percentage change:

Will the percentage change be expressed as increase / positive OR decrease / negative change? If a value changes from 55.5 to 62.5

Let V1 = 55.5 and V2 = 62.5 Put numbers into the formula and see.

Percentage Change = 2nd Value - 1st Value / 1st Value × 100

Percentage Change = 62.5 – 55.5 / 55.5 X 100

Percentage Change = 12.6126% increase

This shows that the percentage change is increase or positive.

The percentage change calculator shows the percentage change, increase, or decrease between 2 values. Suppose a value increase from 150 to 300, there is a 100% increase in the number.

Percentage Change can be positive or negative.

Positive change:

Suppose a number is changed from 5 to 10, there is 100% change which is positive.

Negative Change:

Suppose a number is changed from 10 to 5, there is 50% change which is negative.

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