Modulo Calculator

What is Modulo Calculator?

A modulo calculator can be helpful when you need to perform a modulo operation on two numbers. For this calculation, the modulo calculator is the ideal tool. We use modulo, a mathematical operation, to find the remainder of two numbers when we divide them. Theorem Presume for the moment that dividing A by B results in the residue from the modulo operation. This process can be completed fast and effectively with a calculator.

Get the remainder of a division operation using the modulo calculator. Essentials In mathematics, computer programming, and engineering, it is usual practice to compute the remainder when dividing one integer by another. The modulo calculator is also helpful for fast factoring a number and verifying division operations' results.


Why would one need a modulo calculator?

You may find out the residue of dividing two numbers with the modulo calculator. One results from dividing ten by three, for example. Divisibility check: A number will return 0 if it is divisible by another number.

Finding the remainder: The Modulo calculator can be used to find the remainder when dividing two numbers. For instance, 10% 3 would result in a value of 1, since 10% of 3 is equal to the rest of 1.

Verifying if a number is divisible: The modulo operation will yield 0 if a number is divisible by another number.For example, 15% of 5% would yield 0; this suggests that 15% is divisible by 5.

Generating random numbers: Using modulo and a random number generator together will produce a random number within a specified range. If we wish a random number between 0 and 99, for example, we can produce a number between 0 and 999 and take the result modulo 100.

Handling circular operations: Modulo can manage circular operations, such geometry computations of time or angles. The modulo operation can be used, for example, to determine the angle between two points on a circle and ensure that the answer is between 0 and 360 degrees.


How to Calculate Modulo of two numbers?

Following is the modulo formula which represent the actual operation between numbers.

mod = a % b

The modulo is the remainder of division, when a is divided by b.

For example, to find the modulus of 3 and 6

mod = 2 % 4 = 2

Find the modulo of 9 and 5

mod = 9 % 5 = 4

1 mod 1 = 0

1 mod 2 = 1

1 mod 3 = 1

4 mod 6 = 4

6 mod 4 = 2

5 mod 4 = 1

4 mod 5 = 4

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