Hours Calculator

Hours calculator by daprofitclub is designed to calculate the time between two time intervals, starting time and ending time. This hours calculator can be used for calculating time in hours, minutes and seconds.

How does this Hours Calculator work?

This online time calculator takes the time values of two intervals and shows the difference between them in hours, minutes and seconds or total minutes and hours.

Purpose of this online time calculator?

This hours calculator can be used for calculating the working hours of labor, can be used for hourly renting business, like a car rent business work in hourly rent. Then this can be used to see if a rented car used for how many hours? So that the client can be charged according to time used. And many other activities and businesses can use this if they are working in an hourly time cycle.

User Guide / Handbook / instruction to use:

No technical knowledge is required, nor extra calculations. You must have values of two-time intervals and you are ready to go.

Step 1. Open daprofitclub.com and go to time calculator

Step 2. Click on hours calculator

Step 3. Enter the starting time, Enter the ending time

Step 4. Press calculate button

And the results in hours, minutes and total hours and total minutes will be shown instantly.

Hours in different time periods



Hours in a day


Hours in a week


Hours in a month

672 for a 28-day month
696 for a 29-day month
720 for a 30-day month
744 for a 31-day month
730.5 on average

Hours in a year

8,760 for a 365-day year
8,784 for a 366-day year
8,766 on average

Hours in a decade

87,648 for a 2-leap-year decade
87,672 for a 3-leap-year decade
87,660 on average

Hours in a century


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