Days In a Month

Days is a month calculator show that how many days are there in a month. A year is divided in to 12 months. These 12 months have days from 28 days to 31 days.

The 12 Months Consist of how many days? Following is expressed.

The Gregorian calendar contains the following 12 months:

January – 31 days

February – 28 days in a common year and 29 days in leap years

March – 31 days

April – 30 days

May – 31 days

June – 30 days

July – 31 days

August – 31 days

September – 30 days

October – 31 days

November – 30 days

December – 31 days

What is a Leap Year?

A leap year is a calendar year that contains an additional (extra) day added to keep the calendar year coincide with the astronomical year. Comes after every 4 years, and it contain an extra day so the leap years contains 366 days instead of normal year 365.

How to check the leap years?

To check if a year is a leap year, divide the year by 4. If it is fully divisible by 4, it is a leap year. For example, the year 2020 is divisible 4, so it is a leap year, whereas 2015 is not.