Day of the Week Calculator

What is Day of the Week Calculator?

Day of the Week Calculator is used to see which Day is at the specific date. If you are looking for what is the day of the week? For certain date then, Day of the Week Calculator is for you.

How to use this calculator?

Open and navigate to Day of the week calculator under the time and date menu.

Then choose the day of the month

Then choose the month of the year.

Finally click on the calculate button to see which the day.

No extra specific knowledge or technical education is needed to use this free online time calculator.

Days and their Trivia.


Monday usually the start of the week in entire world. Positive fact about Mondays is that it is statistically the most likely day that United States Stock Market will rise.


Second day of the week. For many employees, Tuesday is likely the most productive day of the working week.


Third day of the week. Wednesday is known as “hump day” in United states of America because it is the middle of the working week.


Fourth day of the week. Thursday is known as the ‘Teacher’s Day,” and it is believed that a person should begin their education on a Thursday in Buddhist Thailand.


Fifth day of the week. In Muslims origin countries or in Muslim beliefs, Friday is considered as the Eid day, meaning the day of blessings and the day of joy and celebrations.


Sixth day of the week. Known as weekend and celebrated across the globe as a relaxing and enjoying day. The day of outing and shopping with friends and families.


Last day of the week. The day of relaxing from office work and hectic routine. The day of family time. The day worth spending with loved ones