Turkey - a country with intriguing travel destinations and opportunities for property investment

Turkey - a country with intriguing travel destinations and opportunities for property investment

Turkey welcomes tourists with that unique oriental flavor. Here they will discover the atmosphere of antiquity, flooded with mysteries and riddles, thinking of great masterworks formed by nature and craftsmen and appreciating the wonderful sights of the enchanting Bosphorus. It is unattainable to say in words. You just need to feel it by seeing the most famous sights of Turkey. Today, this country is not only a great place to relax but also to buy houses for investment in Turkey, as well as to emigrate. What Sights of Turkey you must visit on holiday?


Attractions created by nature

When you come to Turkey, you are constantly under the impression that nature and man compete here, creating gorgeous places. Take at least the cave city of Pamukkale - one of Turkey's most famous natural monuments. Hot mineral springs, a unique landscape, caves with snow-white walls, falls, petrified reservoirs - all this splendor is amazing.

The valley of Cappadocia, which we mentioned earlier, is famous not only for cave cities. Its landscape is more like an alien than Earth: rain, wind, and volcanic eruptions created an incredible picture. So, probably, the dreams of artists - modernists or impressionists look like this. It is a must to visit here.


Talking about natural attractions, one cannot help but recall the mountains of Turkey:

  • Nemrut with his huge stone statues on top.
  • Tahtali with a cable car. considered one of the longest in the world.
  • Yanartas with an impressive view of the fiery fountains that open from its top.

Turkey carefully preserves its historical and natural monuments. Arriving on vacation, you definitely will not lack interesting places.



Adorable pictures of hot air balloons soaring over Cappadocia inspire tourists to add Turkey to their list of countries to visit - and you will no regret about this decision. The incredible joy, soaring over the supposedly Martian rocks of Cappadocia, will not leave you for a long time. After that, you can research the Goreme Open Air Museum - this curious place is full of pious enclaves, quirky wall paintings, and rock temples. You can spent discovering the rest of Cappadocia's sights: the main province of the Nevsehir region, the highest point of Cappadocia Uchishar, the Valley of Pigeons, and the underground city of Derinkuyu. This area is indeed home to incredible attractiveness, so it's best to explore it slowly to enjoy all its aspects. By the way, do not ignore the chance to remain in a cave hotel - this is one of the most amazing things you may notice in this piece of Turkey.



Once, Ephesus was a Greek port city, and then it was captured by the Romans. Some of the ruins in this city are excellently maintained, and the entire complex of antique remains has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In ancient times, Ephesus was especially notable for the Temple of Artemis, one of the world's 7 ancient phenomena. Unfortunately, not much remains of the temple today, but there are other historical monuments in Ephesus. The most stunning of these is the Library of Celsus, which in ancient times was the third-largest library in the world. The ornate two-story façade with statues and Corinthian columns has remained almost intact. 

This library once contained more than 12,000 manuscripts, which were stored in niches inside the walls. Worth a look at the Bolshoi Theatre, the temple of Hadrian, the Serapeum, and the Second House on the Terrace, which is decorated with paintings on the walls, mosaics, and marble panels. Ephesus is located about 80 kilometers from Izmir. Your best bet is to stay in the nearby town of Selcuk, where plenty of hotels and restaurants exist. The Edjer restaurant, for example, serves a variety of Turkish national dishes suitable for different diets - vegans and vegetarians will be interested in trying imam-bayaldi, which is popular in Turkey and Greece.



Pamukkale is an incredible area in Turkey, famous for the mesmerizing views of blue water that stretches out against the backdrop of a seemingly snowy landscape. These thermal waters flow from white limestone terraces from a nearby hill. The photographs cover white limestone terraces with fluffy snow. Fortunately, it is not cold here at all - thermal waters always maintain a pleasant temperature for swimming. 

Pamukkale signifies "cotton castle" in Turkish, which becomes clear in its photos. The terraces of the spring are located next to the antique Roman spa city of Hierapolis, established in 190 BC. The local ruins extend for as many as two kilometers, where you can see a well-preserved amphitheater and a cemetery with real sarcophagi. 

No wonder thousands of tourists visit this UNESCO site every day, arriving in big buses starting at 9 am. If you arrive at a time when they are already open, you can enjoy these wonderful ruins alone for two hours before tourists come here. We advise taking as many photos as possible early in the morning when the light is still quite gentle and there aren't many visitors. Then, when there is nowhere for an apple to fall in this place, you can go for a swim in the pool.


Additional features

  • Turkey is known for its diverse tourism potential. Resorts on the coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas are in great demand among vacationers worldwide.
  • The fact of a formed infrastructure makes real estate in these regions especially attractive to buyers who can rent out housing and receive income from tourists.
  • With a thriving economy and vital tourism development, real estate in Turkey can grow in value.
  • This opens up investment opportunities for high returns. In addition, renting property to tourists is a popular option for developing stagnant revenue.

Property in Turkey is an adorable opportunity for foreign investors. Economic development, stability, simplified necessities for purchasing a home, variety of offers and advantageous costs, extended tourism infrastructure, possibilities for residence and citizenship, and prospects for expansion and profitability assemble Turkey into an engaging real estate market.

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To sum up

When picking a real estate investment, you must evaluate your requirements and consult with professionals like Turk.Estate to create an educated preference and get the maximum benefit. However, before looking at housing, study the map of tectonic plates in detail to purchase it in a place without earthquake risk.

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