Calculations are important in businesses. Amazon FBA, like other businesses, needs to be observed and the sales on it calculated. DaProfitClub brings you some of the best Amazon FBA calculators.

What is Amazon FBA? amazon seller business

eCommerce sites are the future of businesses. The world is shifting to online businesses and businesses are closely observing the trend. To ensure that they remain in, businesses are trying to make changes to their structure and shifting to online mode. This has brought significant changes in the online market. More people are focusing on online business and thus the competition is growing.

One of the main service providers in eCommerce is Fulfillment by Amazon which serves the users reliably. FBA provides its services to both new businesspersons and the old ones serving the customers online. Amazon FBA gives sellers their choice to use Amazon for providing services and get the best possible exposure to the online market.

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Using Amazon FBA, the seller is not only able to get maximum exposure, but it also gives them the chance to work on finding the befitting niche for them. Amazon FBA is an art that teaches the marketer not only the skills of selling but tricks of being on the top in online business.

Though Amazon sells directly to the customers, Amazon FBA is a third-party business. Here Amazon is not directly involved. Rather it plays the role of mediator between the seller and customer. It is through these third-party sellers where most of the revenue for Amazon is generated. Most of this, about 2/3 of this revenue, is generated from Amazon FBA. This means that Amazon FBA serves as the best sales point for Amazon.

If a seller wants to get the best out of their online business, then Amazon FBA is the best choice for them.     

Benefits of Amazon FBA / best 3pl for amazon sellers

Fulfillment by Amazon, as said earlier, is an automation process that helps connect the customers and sellers. Amazon makes it possible by keeping the sellers’ goods in Amazon fulfillment centers from where they can be easily delivered. Thus, it makes the delivery process easy and convenient. The seller won’t have to worry about the delivery of the products, and they get delivered safely.

Amazon FBA ensures that there are no hurdles in the shipment process. What makes it special is not going through the complex registration process that a direct Amazon seller goes through. Amazon FBA frees the seller of all worries. It works on the packaging, loading, delivery, and then handing over the product to the user. If there are some problems and the user wants a return and refund, then it is also the responsibility of Amazon FBA.

In short, there is no liability on the seller, instead, Amazon FBA manages the whole process for the seller. Amazon uses its warehouses for the storage of the goods that sellers want to sell. The only responsibility of the seller is to hand over the products to Amazon FBA, and it will manage the rest.

Uses of Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is the best choice for online sellers. It frees them of the possible worries in business. So, most online businesses go for partnership with Amazon FBA. They will provide goods to Amazon FBA and it will sell that for them. Though the seller has to pay for the services, it is one of the comely solutions.

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It provides 24/7 customer service, and the customers won’t have to face any problem in communicating with FBA service. Once the seller hands over the goods to Amazon FBA, they won’t have any responsibility anymore. FBA manages the rest including packaging, so there are no further costs on the goods. FBA receives most of the online business traffic and the user won’t have to worry about customers.

It provides exposure to the sellers to ensure that they are part of the mainstream business.   

Amazon FBA Fee

Amazon doesn’t offer this all for free. Rather the user will have to pay for it. It needs one to consider all the important factors before joining the Amazon FBA program. The sellers will have to pay based on the size of the item, not on the cost of it. So, they not to be careful what is good to be sold on FBA and what shouldn’t be put there. The fees that the user will have to pay are the fulfillment fee and the storage fee.

FBA also makes it hard for the sellers that the products which are not sold in 180 days will cost more in the fee. Thus, the user needs to be careful. If your business is doing well and going in profit, then payment of the fee is not a big deal. If this is not the case, then FBA is not the right place for you.  

Amazon FBA Calculators

We have brought you some FBA calculators that will serve you in the calculation of the FBA fee.


DaProfitClub provides the best business calculators to its customers for free. When the user navigates the business calculators section, they can find the Amazon FBA calculator there. This calculator will make calculations of all the fees that Amazon charges. The user will have to input the particulars and the calculator will do the rest for them. DaProfitClub’s Amazon FBA calculator is updated on regular basis to ensure that the user gets reliable results.

If there are some updates to the terms/fee of Amazon FBA, then DaProfitClub makes suitable changes to its calculator. It is an easy solution to your calculation problems if you are an FBA seller.  

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