Average Calculator

What is average calculator? 

The term average has several different meanings. Generically, it is a single number which is used to represent or elaborate the collection of numbers. Average Calculator is a free online tool which is used to calculate the average of two or more numbers. Average calculator is used to find when there is need of finding average value of many numbers in a collection.

 Why use the Average Calculator?  

The Average Calculator is a helpful tool for quickly and accurately calculating numbers, mean, median, or mode. It benefits students and professionals working with large data sets, as it can quickly and easily provide the desired calculations.

Formula for Average calculation:

The most common definition of the term Average can be represented by the equation below.

Average = Sum / n

let’s take an example

The “sum” is the result of adding all the numbers, and the “n” is the number of values used in this collection. For example, given the 7 numbers, 10, 2, 38, 23, 38, 23, and 21, the average can be calculated as such:

Average = 10+2+38+23+38+13+21 / 7

Average = 155 / 7

Average = 22.1429 (rounded figures)

Sum 155

Count 7

Median 23

Geometric Mean 16.412764443111

Largest 38

Smallest 2

Range 36

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