Age Calculator

What is Age Calculator?

Age calculator is a web-based tool in which you can determine your child's age based on your birth date and the date of your current birthday. It helps you figure out the difference in time between dates. The results are displayed in months, weeks, days, and years. The results are not affected by the location of the user's time zone because the tool tells you the time difference. The age calculator is built on the standard age-based system, which means it is a tool everyone can utilize.chronological age calculator, dog age calculator, retirement age calculator, Pearson age calculator.

Age Calculator

Why uses this calculator? How to use this online free age calculator?

This is online free tool, as name suggests this is used to calculate your age, and this is very easy to use, no technical knowledge is required, see how you can use this?

Step 1. Enter you age

Step 2. Choose the date you want to check date at that age OR choose todays date

Step 3. Press calculate button

This how simple and easy to use this calculator.

How does this calculator work?

Below the simplest formula which describe the functionality of this calculator. This calculator simply checks the difference between your birth date and today’s date or date you choose and show you how old are you? Or how old you were?

age = current year - birth year

What is how old am I?

This show that how old are you till today, this age calculator will check the difference between today’s date and your birth date and will show you the exact age that how many years, month, and days old are you today.

How old you were on dd/mm/yyyy?

How old you were? Is the age number which show that for a specific date how many years and months old you were? E.g., your birth year is 1996, and how old you were till 2015? This will check the difference between 2015 and 1996 and show that you were 19 years old in 2015.

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